Hot Chilli Wine

Our authentic Hot Chilli Wine contains no grapes, it is a true chilli
wine blended from fresh organically grown chillies, sun ripened on the
bush. This bold wine is best enjoyed chilled from a liqueur glass.
The rich fruit flavours will enliven your palate, whilst a distinctive
silky sweetness balances the heat of the chillies to leave a warm inner
glow. A perfect accompaniment to cheese or natural oysters.
Once opened, Hot Chilli Wine can happily remain in the refrigerator for
several months.

Quick ideas....

* Seafood platter...Serve up lobster, prawns, oysters, fish pieces and crab. Make a large tossed salad dressed with our famous wine, olive oil and lime.
Serve the oysters with a couple of drops on top.
*Great added to Champagne.
* Have it on ice.
* Serve straight with a big slab of mud cake, black cherries and dark chocolate.
* Perfect when splashed over prawns on the barbecue.


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The Yea Winery Cidery & Brewery is the Victorian supplier of Hot Chilli Wine.
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